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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Delivery

- Shipping -

We provide shipping within Singapore & Internationally, by post.

- Processing time-

We will ship out your orders within a week.

- Estimated shipping times -

3-5 working days to your mail box by Singpost Normal Mail within Singapore

1-3 working days by SmartPac Delivery within Singapore

4-9 working days by Registered Air Mail for International Delivery

- Shipping Charges -

Normal Mail - Per Order of SGD$1.90. Free local (S'pore) delivery with Min. SGD $35 nett spend

SmartPac Delivery - Per Order of SGD$3.90. Free local (S'pore) delivery with Min. SGD $60 nett spend

Malaysia & Brunei Registered Air Delivery - SGD$7 for the first 2 items, thereafter, SGD$2 from 3rd item onward.

International Registered Air Delivery - SGD$15 for the first 2 items, thereafter, SGD$5.50 from 3rd item onward.


We offer the following modes of payment - Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

1) First purchase 15% off!  &  (2) All Orders with Min. SGD $35 (nett) spend - Earn 5% Loyalty Credits + Free Local (Spore) Delivery! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are your ingredients from?

A: We research each ingredient thoroughly and source for organic, wholesome and natural ingredients from all over the world. They are all-natural, are not animal tested and contains no artificial chemicals.

Q: Are the soaps suitable for babies?

A: Yes it is. The soaps are all-natural and chemical-free. Certainly, they are better and safer than chemical loaded commercial body wash for babies. For babies, do select soap types which are unscented ( our Nourishing Goat Milk soap & Nourishing Heart soap).

Q: Can our Pets use the soap?

A: Yes your Pets can use the soap too. The soaps are all-natural and chemical-free. Not only are the main ingredients good for your Pet's skin health, most of our customers get Relaxing Lavender soap to sooth their Pet's itchy skin and calm their Pet down, and also Soothing Lemongrass soap to repel insects and ticks for their Pets.

Q: Do you have soaps in liquid form?

A: We do not have soaps in liquid form currently. Soaps in liquid form will require chemical preservatives to give it shelf life. We strive to have our soaps in the most natural form without chemicals.

Q: How long does a soap bar (100g) Last?

A: Averagely, it will last 3-5 weeks for a user who showers once a day. It all depends on the regularity of usage, how is it being used, and also storage of the soap after use. Soaps which are kept away from contact with water, in dry places, will last longer.

Q: Is there any expiry date for the soaps?

A: Soap Bars should be able to last 1 year or even more. However, it depend on how you keep them. Storing soaps in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight allows soaps to last longer.

Q: Why are there water droplets on the soap?

A: The presence of water droplets (or Glycerin dews) on your soap is a natural phenomenon known as "sweating". It works by drawing moisture from the surrounding air, thus forming a moisturizing barrier on your skin, ensuring your skin stays moist and hydrated. Oops, Glycerin is so effective that glycerin dew (known as “sweating”) will form on your naked and untouched soap, after a period of time. But Glycerin dew is just water droplets. Could you bear opening our cute little soaps and chucking them aside untouched, for days or weeks?   Feel your skin moisturized after use and enjoy the soaps as much as us and many of our customers!!!